CPC, CHW, MH Recovery & WRAP Facilitator

I am a faith based, Washington State Youth & Family Certified Peer Counselor, in Mental health, since 2015; Washington State Community Health Worker since 2016; Facilitator in SAAF-T, Strong African American Families Teens since 2021; Co-Facilitator in WRAP (Wellness Recovery & Action Planning) since 2016; Certified in Mental Health First Aid since 2016; a Facilitator/Speaker at both PeerPathways from 2016 – 2019, and South Sound Teachers Equity since 2019. I co-lead & supervised CPC’s through the implementation of the first black WISe (Wraparound with Intensive services) team at a black owned, operated and staffed comprehensive mental health organization in Tacoma, WA. I left to pursue a BA in Psychology, and a MA in both SW & a LICSW (Licensed Individual Clinical Social Worker). I will be in school for a while, pray for me. I am supervised by Sharon Ward, LMHC, CDP, Counselor of Baxter Consultants, LLC., since 2018.

Presently I am a semi-professional Speaker, Facilitator & Consultant in Self Care, Mental Health & wellness, and Suicide prevention. I am a support team member. I utilize my life experiences to help myself and others begin and continue in the personal journey of healing, wellbeing, and self love/care. I speak to individuals and groups who work in the fields of service. I speak to individuals and groups who desire trauma growth. One of my life symbols is the Plum Blossom. It’s about perseverance, hope & beauty thriving in adverse circumstances. My motto is, “Pain not transformed is transferred”. One must transform their pain/trauma into tangible actions/realms of hope, then transfer that hope into tangible growth. This promotion for healing is fluid and over time results in the renewing of the mind or trauma growth. Every moment of trauma growth becomes ones platform for a renewed mind. Working on self is hard, but I believe we are well worth the workout! Positive Mental Health = Positive Mental Wealth!